Bridge of Flowers 11:30am

May 20, 2018

11:30am – 5:00pm

In the desire to grow relationships among the women of Holden Chapel, The Women's ministry would like to invite you to the Bridge of Flowers Event with lunch at The Farm Table, we want the opportunity to be seated and enjoy lunch TOGETHER, (each person is responsible for their lunch order and gratuity). After which we will travel near by to the Bridge of Flowers. We would also like to disclose there is no cost for the Bridge of Flowers Walk, however, you will have the opportunity to give a donation at the end of the walk, if you so choose. 

Please sign up at the Welcome desk or send Carol Uptegrove a email at ( Please designate whether you need a ride or are willing to be a driver, as we will be carpooling from Holden Chapel. We are very excited about this event & would like you all to spread the word. We are expecting to have a wonderful time. Below are the websites for both The Farm Table (Sunday Brunch Menu) & The Bridge of Flowers.

Blessings to all, Carol Uptegrove

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