Precepts Upon Precepts 6:45-8:15pm

Every Thursday until March 15, 2018

6:45pm – 8:30pm

How can a sinner, a sinner like you or me ever hope to approach a            Holy God?

To bring it down very, very personally, how can you feel that you have a right to go into the presence of the holy God and to speak to Him, and talk to Him and request fellowship with Him and request help from Him, how can you ever hope to approach God in that way?                                                                                 Well, there is only one way and there is only one hope, and that way is for you to be holy even as He is Holy.                                                                                        But you say, look at me, I am a sinner, a person that lives in the flesh.  I have come to know Christ; I have moved from sinner to sainthood, but still battle the flesh. How can I hope to be holy?                                                                       Well, that is what we are going to see as we look at the book of Leviticus: a book where God calls to His people and He says “I want you to be holy even as I am Holy.”  

7 Lessons:

Lesson 1 - How Can You Approach a Holy God?                                                      Lesson 2 - Fire From God! What's the Message                                         

Lesson 3 - What Difference Does Holiness Make?                                                   Lesson 4 - The Peace, the Release of Being Forgiven                                       Lesson 5 - What Happens When a Nation Loses the Fear of God?                      Lesson 6 - Come! Celebrate the Feasts!                                                                  Lesson 7 - What Would It Be Like If God Ruled?

So, come join us on Thursday evenings at 6:45PM.  Precepts promises you that God is going to do an awesome work in your life because as dull as this book may seem there is such a wealth of spiritual treasures under the surface of this book. There are things that once you grasp a hold of them, they will bring revival, revival to your heart and soul.

Men and women and even teens are invited. Come join us.  Contact Wendy Stewart for more inormation 508-845-9585.


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