Opinions - We All Have Them


How many times a day do you hear about one of your friends being bullied? Or, do you hear people’s whispered conversations from behind you? Those things hurt. Sometimes, we try to please others and get into the ‘good crowd’ or with the popular kids at school. Whatever it is, someone, somewhere, has an opinion of you. But we can know, that those opinions are only opinions.

Opinions are ideas, not facts. But if you let those opinions become facts in your life, they will affect every part of your life. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Acne? Mustaches? Moles? Dimples?


All of these things are earthly: meaning they will go away. God doesn’t care if you have one of those pimples on your nose that makes you look like Rudolph. And you shouldn’t either! Psalm 139 says that you are “Fearfully and wonderfully made”. The only person that should care about your looks, or appearance, is a loving person called Jesus. No one should judge you, or make fun of you because you have awesome dimples. They’re probably just jealous of your awesome face.

Psalm 139 is like a beauty magazine (and it’s the only one that really matters!). Get your Bible, right now, and read Psalm 139:13-16. If God already knew what you would look like, act like, even what you would think of when you are sitting down just changing channels on TV, don’t you think that He had already planned your “inmost being”? You are beautiful. Don’t listen to other’s hurtful opinions. The only true opinion that matters, is your God’s because he loves you more than you could ever know.


My name is Emily-Rose Pappas. I am 14 years old and am homeschooled. I love drawing and reading and spending time with friends and family.

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