Christianity as Truth

Going back to my first blog post about how it is interesting that Christianity is one of the most persecuted religions in the world (just as the Bible predicted); here is a rather interesting argument/talking point somewhat related. One of the biggest complaints about Christianity, and to be fair, all religions in general, is their failure to "modernize."

People complain against Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and various other faiths for staying too true to "out dated" ideas and practices such as being against same sex marriage. They would argue that Christianity is supposed to be a religion of love and so why do we then believe that same sex marriage, pre or extra-marital sex, or other social trends are wrong and that those who do not believe in our truth are not saved?

This is admittedly a good point. There is no denying that our faith, as well as most other religions have an element of exclusivity to them, but believing that one's faith is an absolute truth, there is no way that you can possibly accommodate everyone. That is the misconception. Christianity as a religion is not a simple thought process, or world view, or way of life. It is a truth. You cannot bend the truth to suit "modernization". Something is either true, or false, it can not change all the time and be somewhere in between.


This is why religions are, to a greater or lesser extent, exclusive. It is because you can not change a truth, it just is a truth. That being said, it is ironic how once again it is Christianity that is a large focus on this subject. As is always true, many other religions are questioned and ridiculed, however, Christianity is usually the first one to be knocked. However, it is in fact Christianity that is actually as in-exclusive as one could imagine a statement of truth can be. There are no thousand page books full of specific rules and rituals which you must keep to as a christian to be saved. The Bible is printed in many many languages to make the Word as available to the world as possible where as some religions refuse to print their holy books in anything but the native language of the country of origin.

So yes, Christianity, as most religions, is somewhat exclusive, but only out of the necessity to preserve the truth and not to dilute God's word. Other then for that purpose, Christianity is as in-exclusive as it gets. So there is the reason for that if ever you should be challenged as to why your religion is so "bigoted" and "old fashioned."

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